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DCEA Grant Committee,


Thank you very much for your generous contribution to Main Street Greenville's First Friday: Artisan Stroll! This event is consistently one of our largest of the year and we a thrilled to be able to offer an art contest to our participating artists. This was the second year of our art contest and the feedback from the participants and judges has been overwhelmingly positive. The contest grew by 15% this year, and we hope to continue that trend in future years! We were also very excited to form a partnership with the Greenville Art Guild during the planning for this year's event, with their members having a dedicated location at which they were able to display their many pieces.


The $500 grant you provided helped us fund the cash prizes that were awarded to 9 artists. In total, we gave $1000 in cash prizes to support local artists. We had 8 category winners that were awarded $100 each, and one best of show winner that received $200. The winners were: Dayle Lewis (Sculpture), Jan Roestamadji (Miscellaneous), Mykie Gulley (Graphic Design), CeCelia Rice (Ceramics), Kay hart Cress (Drawing), Stephanie Cunningham (Crafts), Samantha McGlothin (Photography), Jennifer Hall Overholser (Painting), and Jean Selanders (Best In Show). We have included photos of some of our winning artists with their pieces.

Working with respected local artists, teachers, gallery curators, and design professionals to create our panel of judges has been very rewarding. Our judges have helped us shape and improve our art contest guidelines, and we continue to modify our policies every year with their valuable feedback. Our judges for the 2019 contest were Katie Clark Gabbard, CJ Jasenski, and Vincent Saulnier. We hope to create a panel of 12 - 15 judges that can be rotated from year to year.


We look forward to continuing to improve and grow the Artisan Stroll. We feel that the incorporation of the art contest has helped us to recenter this event on fine arts and represents an investment in artists and creatives who are oftentimes undervalued. We would not be able to organize and administer the art contest without the generous support of your organization. We are very grateful for your contribution and dedication to advancing the arts throughout the county! Please feel free to contact me for additional information or if you have any questions.


Crysta Hutchinson Bloomingdale

Crysta Hutchinson Bloomingdale
Executive Director

Jean Selanders (Best In Show)

Mykie Gulley (Graphic Design)

Dayle Lewis (Sculpture)

CeCelia Rice (Ceramics)

Jennifer Hall Overholser




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